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Serving adults, children, elderly and those with disabilities since 2000.

Western Montana Chapter for the Prevention of Elder Abuse


The Western Montana Chapter is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clients with professional services. We act as a neutral, objective third party, focusing on the best interest of the clients with sustainable management of assets and case management.

We serve the elderly and adults/children with disabilities throughout Montana and surrounding states. The Chapter is managed by a volunteer board of directors from the Missoula community.

We also work with a variety of professionals in the community; for example, banking, investment, real estate, tax preparation, attorneys, Office of Public Assistance, Social Security, Veterans Administration, healthcare professionals and a variety of case management organizations.

We use our knowledge to benefit our clients. The staff consists of the executive director, operations manager, four bookkeepers, two social workers and In-House Counsel.


The Western Montana Chapter for the Prevention of Elder Abuse began in 2000 by Adult Protective Services and Missoula community professionals to provide payee and guardianship services to individuals who could not manage themselves or their finances. AmeriCorps and Vista Volunteers supported the Chapter by assisting in fund raising, education and development activities. In 2002 Cindy Shott, a Missoula attorney specializing in business and financial law, accepted the position as the Director of the Chapter. Currently, she is the In-House Counsel. Ms. Shott helped the Chapter grow by introducing additional clients, roles and new staff.

Please read the Montana Senior News article on The Chapter.

Please read the 990 Non-Profit Report.

WMC provides a Client Handbook. This is to assist and inform the clients we serve of our policies and procedures.

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